Platinum Eden Mushroom


Delivering full foot comfort and cushioning, the Platinum Eden slipper wraps your feet in natural Australian double face sheepskin to keep them cosy and snug. Built on a hardwearing outsole, these slippers can be worn inside and out and provide an easy slip-on option.


  • Made in Australia

  • Durable, hardwearing and flexible rubber outsole

  • Soft EVA midsole for comfort and support

  • Reinforced suede heel cup for better fit and support

  • Sheepskin breathes and keeps your feet perfectly warm in winter and cool in summer

  • Australian double face sheepskin

Fitting Notes:

  • The Eden slipper can be a bit on the small side with the fluffy sheepskin making it harder to push your foot all the way to the end, so if you're in between sizes or have a particularly broad foot we recommend sizing up.
  • The sheepskin will soften so if they feel a little snug but your heel isn't hanging off the back then they will be fine with a few wears.